5 Motorcyclists killed on Irish Roads in March 2022

It’s with a heavy heart that we add this blog post. As motorcycle accident claim specialists and enthusiastic motorbike riders, we are saddened by the events that have transpired throughout March 2022.

Unfortunately, five members of the Irish motorcycle community have lost their lives on Irish roads. Regular readers of this blog and motorbike riders the world over will know just how vulnerable motorcyclists continue to be on the road. While March 2022 has been a particular black month for motorcyclist deaths, we as bike riders know we’re always overrepresented in both road death statistics and road accident statistics.


Recent Trends

What makes the news regarding so many tragedies in a short time frame particularly disheartening is that road traffic accidents rates had been moving in the right direction. 2021 saw 130 people lose their lives on Irish roads. Let’s be clear, this still represents an unacceptably high number of fatalities but it did represent an 11% drop in deaths when compared to 2020 statistics. From a purely statistically standpoint, 2021 represented the lowest ever recorded instances of road deaths on Irish roads. Therefore the massive causality rate of March 2022 alone seems to suggest these low rates had more to do with quieter roads, due to pandemic lockdowns, rather than any real and lasting change.


Nationwide Motorcycle Accidents

These motorcycle accident deaths during March weren’t confined to a single county or even a province. The first death was recorded on March 1st in county Leitrim. The second: on March 7th in Galway city. The third: in Co Limerick on March 12th. The fourth: on March 14th in County Clare. There was a final death during the bank holiday weekend in Monaghan. Although we’re Dublin based bike accident solicitors, this grim rundown of deaths within 30 days, emphasises that motorcyclists are vulnerable nationwide.


Final Thoughts

We would like to extend our sincerest sympathies to the families of all those lost on Irish roads this year. Again we have to face up to the reality that our roads are dangerous and this is particularly true for motorcyclists. As motorbike accident solicitors, we want motorbike riders nationwide to know we are on their side and our experts and here to listen and advise if they’ve been involved in a motorbike accident.


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