Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the process take?

No case is the same there is no way of predicting how long a case will take to settle. Most cases take at least 12 months to settle. Some cases with relatively straightforward injuries can settle before this, and the more cases involving more complex injuries can take longer than this. A case cannot settle until the injured person is certain as to the full extent of the injuries are known.

What will it cost me?

A Solicitor must notify the client from the outset the basis on which legal fees will be charged. The charges a solicitor make are based on the following factors which we will happily discuss with you.

You are under no obligation at all to pursue any claim and we are happy to discuss costs with you before you make any decision about proceeding with your case.

Will I have to go to Court?

Hopefully not as the vast majority of cases settle. In many cases it is necessary to issue court proceedings but this is very different from actually going to Court. Issuing Court proceedings are necessary to progress cases forward , however it may well be many months after proceedings are issued that a Court hearing date is ever received. We do our best to settle cases without having to attend a Court.

How much will I be awarded as compensation?

This is a common question that Personal Injury Solicitors get asked. Any damages awarded to an injured party depends upon how serious the injuries are and how they may have affected financially. In order to determine how badly injured a person is, we arrange that the injured person be medically examined by a medical expert. The expert will then write up a report outlining the full extent of the injuries and that report will be used as evidence to decide the level of damages an injured party is entitled to. In addition to this, an injured person can attempt to recover damages for any lost earnings or any expenses associated with the accident or injury.

What do I do next if I wish to claim?

Contact Rogers Solicitors immediately using contact the form below or telephone us. We will contact you immediately to give you our expert advice on the strength of your case and discuss all relevant matters. If you are happy to proceed we will send you out all relevant paperwork, contact all the relevant parties and make arrangements to have you medically examined by a medical expert.

Please bear in mind that you have two years from the date of the accident to pursue a claim (it is not three years like in some other countries). Therefore it is important that you instruct us right away to give us lots of time to ensure that provide you the best possible service.

Get professional advice from a specialist motorbike solicitor. We can usually tell within an hour if you have a valid claim.

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