Bike Accident Claim

Have you been involved in a bike accident?

Even relatively minor bike accidents can be traumatic. This trauma can be compounded if you’ve suffered injuries due to the bike accident.
If you have been involved in a bike accident that wasn’t your fault, you are entitled to seek a bike accident claim. Our team of bike accident claim solicitors can give you legal advice customised to the exact circumstances of your bike accident.

Common Bike Accident Claims

Bike Accident Claims in Ireland are becoming more and more common.
Unfortunately, whereas drivers and motorcyclists are protected by their respective insurance companies, a cyclist often doesn’t have insurance.
If you have been injured in a bike accident you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries.
Bike accident claim compensation can go a long way in helping cover the expense of medical fees and any potential loss of earnings due to the time spent away from work due to the injuries.

Some of the more common bike accidents include:

  • Hit and run claims
  • Rear-end collision claims
  • Passenger injury claims
  • Roundabout accident claims
  • Side impact collision claims
  • Uninsured driver claims
  • Head-on collision claims
  • Minor impact road traffic accident claims

Get professional advice from a specialist motorbike solicitor. We can usually tell within an hour if you have a valid claim.

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What to do following a bike accident.

1. Seek Medical Attention

Following a bike accident, you should seek medical attention. Immediately following an accident you may be in shock. Shock can null the pain of injuries, making serious injures seem relatively minor.
Make sure to go to an A&E or a local GP to have your injures checked.

2. Collect all relevant information at the scene

Following an accident, it is extremely important to gather information from all individuals involved in the accident. The information you collect should include:

  • Contact information of the driver(s) involved in the accident
  • Vehicle(s) registration number
  • Name and contact information of the emergency service people and gardai that attend the scene.
  • Take pictures of the scene from as many different angles as possible
  • If any CCTV footage captured the accident make sure to try and get access to it.
  • Make sure to note the time and date of the accident
  • Make sure to note the weather conditions.

3. Report The Accident to the Gardai

No matter how minor the accident was, it is still important to report the accident to the Gardai.
In cases where the accident is too minor for the Gardai to attend the scene, you should make a point of visiting the closest Gardai station to request that they record the details of the accident.

4. Schedule a consultation with a bike accident solicitor

If you are considering pursuing a bike accident claim get in contact with Rogers Solicitors today.

Interested in scheduling a consultation with our bike accident solicitor, get in contact with Rogers Solicitors today.

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