Motorbike Accident Claims:* Fact vs. Fiction

With the on-going controversy surrounding so-called claim culture, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get real information on motorbike accident claims.*

While it is certainly true that frivolous lawsuits happen in Ireland – as they do in every developed country – compensation was set-up to protect victims of accidents. And as we have stated in previous blogs, Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable of road users.

With this in mind, motorcyclists who have been injured in road traffic accidents should never hesitate in exploring their legal options following an accident.

Unfortunately, with so much negative media surrounding claim cultural, it is getting increasingly difficult to separate the facts from pure speculation. That’s why our team of motorbike accident claim* solicitors, are dedicating this piece to untangling the truth from the fiction.

Most Motorbike Accidents happen during poor weather conditions.

This is one of those persistent rumours that motorcyclists hear all the time. As any biker knows, bad weather can certainly make for more challenging riding conditions, however, according to the RSA, 95% of road traffic accidents happened when the road surface was dry. Meaning poor road conditions account for only a tiny percentage of all collisions involving motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in a fatal road traffic accident

Unfortunately, this is true. Motorcyclists are up to 6 times more likely to be involved in a fatal road traffic accident.

Most collisions involving motorcyclists happen in cities.

This is one of these “Facts” that almost seems self-evident. Of course, more accidents happen in cities. After all, there are more vehicles in cities, right?

While there are certainly more vehicles in cities, the available statistics show that more accidents involving motorcyclists happen in the countryside and not in large urban areas.

A whopping 77% of motorcyclist collisions occur in rural areas.

Motorcycle accidents happen at night-time

Surprising this isn’t the case. According to the RSA, 75% of all recorded motorcycle accidents happen during the day.

Alcohol was a factor in most motorcycle accidents.

Unfortunately, this is also true. While the vast majority of motorcyclists are law abiding citizens that would never even dream of drink-driving, a percentage still get on their bike after ingesting alcohol.

71% of motorcyclists who were involved in a road traffic accident were over the legal alcohol limit.

As we can see, separating the fact from the fiction in regards to Motorcycle accident claims* isn’t always as easy as it first appears.

If you have a question in regards to making a motorcycle accident claim* we encourage you to get in contact with us today. Alternatively you can visit our motorcycle claims page.


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